The Glow Exfoderm Treatment is non-invasive treatment to remove acne, post acne pigment, scarring, hyper pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, milia, and smooth skin texture. This treatment is customized for your specific skin type.

Microneedling $450

Can be used in two ways. For the treatment of facial rejuvenation; Collagen induction therapy rebuilds the skin by producing collagen & elastin. And for the treatment of scar revision microneedling breaks down scar fibers and helps the skin rebuild collagen to treat pitted scarring. Skin will look pink for 1-2 days.


Dermaplaning exfoliates superficial dead skin cells, and removes vellus hair (peach fuzz)  from the face. The products applied to the skin after dermaplaning are able to penetrate deeper resulting in GLOWING SKIN. It also helps with your daily makeup application, resulting in a smoother appearance.


Our dermal vortex extraction machine suctions all impurities from the skin, dead skin, excess oil, black heads, whiteheads while simultaneously infusing a clearing serum to clarify the pores.


Gentle exfoliation with zero downtime to buff away dead skin cells and gently resurface the skin for a more even complexion. 

GLOW $265

This facial is gentle on the skin and has no downtime. We gently buff away dead skiin with microdermabrasion and brighten up the complexion with our organic skin brightener. This treatment provides exfoliation without any peeling. Amazing for maintaining the skin healthy and before special events to make your skin GLOW.


This peel is amazing for Acne, Pigmentation removal & smoothing texture. Suitable for all skin types. This peel will promote immediate peeling and shedding of dead skin cell layers.


An all natural peel to detoxify the pores. Has no visible peeling, Gentle exfoliation to purify the skin, promote blood circulation, balance the skin's hydration levels and brightens your complexion.


Not sure which treatment is right for you, don't worry we will have a skin consultation before a treatment. Consultation is free with same day treatment. If only doing a skin consultation price is $50. 

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