The Complete Brightening Therapy Kit is ideal for dull, uneven skin with pigmentation spots and is gentle on your skin.


This powerful kit contains four brightening skin care products clinically shown to significantly reduce the appearance of melasma and hyper pigmentation as it's designed to control excess melanin production.


Day Cleanser: Based on natural plants, which cleanses your skin from the inside out, controlling excess oil and cleansing pores, clears and leaves a smooth skin.


Night Serum for Pigmentation:Dark Spot Corrector serum for visibly improving Dark Spots, Age Spots, Sun Spots.


Brightening Exfoliator 50ml: Helps to erase lines of expression, reaffirms and nourishes the skin to make it look younger .


Spot Remover Vitamin Serum: Serum based on natural plants, helps remove marks and spots on the skin, helps you close pores and leave your face soft and smooth.


Kit Includes:

Brightening Scrub 50ml

Brightening Serum 15ml

Gentle Cleanser 50 ml

Vitamin Serum 50ml

Complete Brightening Treatment Kit