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Clearing Peel

Clearing Peel


Deep exfoltiating Peel for improvement of acne, oily skin, melasma, and post acne scarring. Smoothes skin texture, brightens skin tone and detoxifies skin of impurities. 


Areas: Face 



First, patch test a small nickel size area of skin for 1 minute or less to test for sensitivy and allergies. Do not apply to rest of the skin at this time. Stop peel by flusing skin with cool water. Wait 24 hours, if no irritation develops proceed to use peel on remaining areas. 


Using gauze, apply 1 layer of peel evenly in sections for 1-5 minutes depending on skin sensitivity. to increase strength, you may apply 2-3 layers of peel. Repeat treatment every 2-3 weeks in absence of irritation. Never leave peel on skin longer than 5 minutes to prevent injury.


Failure to follow instructions can result in serious injury. By purchasing you are acepting all responsibility for the use of this product and agree to hold the seller harmless for any effects that result from proper or improper use. 



    Salicylic Acid (15%), SD Alcohol 40B, Lactic Acid (15%), Citric Acid (7%)

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