The complete Acne Treatment Kit has the power to control acne while being gentle on your skin.


This powerful treatment kit contains four acne skin care products clinically shown to signifiicantly reduce many signs of acne in a matter of days, including breakouts and blackheads. 


Day Cleanser: Based on natural plants, which cleanses your skin from the inside out, controlling excess oil and cleansing pores, clears and leaves a smooth skin.

Night Cream for Acne: Cream helps remove marks and spots on the skin, helps you close pores and leave your face soft and smooth.


Liquid Purifying Tonic: This liquid purifies the skin, helping to eliminate imperfections in the skin, marks, and gets rid of toxins  in the skin.


Brightening Exfoliator: Purifies and kills the bacteria that causes acne, cleansing deeply.


Acne Kit Includes:

Genle Cleanser: 50ml

Brightening Scrub: 50ml

Exfolaiting Tonic:  30ml

Acne & Scar Corrector: 15ml

Complete Acne Treatment Kit

SKU: 0001