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"I was treated with so much care. You walk out of there feeling radiant and looking that way too. I recommend Glow DermSolutions 100%!"

Glow Peel

Vanessa G.


"My experience at Glow Dermsolutions was great. My skin felt amazing after the treatment and I could instantly feel that my skin was cleaner and fresher. I looked at my before and after pictures and I could see the difference that the treatment made as my skin looked more youthful and healthy. She removed a lot of dead skin and blackheads that were making my skin look damaged. 

She was very knowledgeable about how to take care of skin and has a great eye for beauty. She explained to me the procedure of the treatment and always checked in to see how I was doing to make sure I was comfortable. She also provided with valuable information on how to take care of my skin post-treatment which I found very helpful. 

I had a great experience and I would recommend this treatment to anyone that is looking for beautiful and radiant skin. I am looking forward to my next treatment."

Glow Exfoderm

Sylvia R.

Screenshot_2015-08-12-18-55-04-1 (1).png

"I'm going to start this off with the main point of this review.

GIRL KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING. They are extremely experienced with trouble skin and diagnosis your skin problems clearly. She is definitely a no nonsense kind of person, which I like. Iv’e had problems with my skin from constantly traveling, lack of sleep, and stress. It might not be for all, but personally I like the fact that she points out exactly what’s wrong. If you just listen you’ll be on your way to better skin. If you have any issues with your skin seriously go see Glow DermSolutions.”

Glow Peel

Helma Z.

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"I'm starting off by saying how knowledgeable they are about what they are doing. It made me feel comfortable because I was nervous about getting a microdermabrasion and a chemical peel for the first time ever. She explains what she's going to do and how she's going to do it very thoroughly. The treatment itself is painless (in my opinion) and relaxing. Since I have very deep acne scars, it's going to take 4-5 treatments but after the first one, I already noticed that my skin improved! After my second, it got even better! My skin still has much more improvements that need to be made but I know Glow DermSolutions will help me achieve clear skin!"

Glow Exfoderm


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"This is the first time I've felt compelled to recommend a service formally with an online review.

It's always mattered to me how my skin or complexion looked but I didn't have the knowledge or information I needed to properly care for it which, of course, caught with me as I've gotten older. When I finally got more serious about taking care of my skin I invested way too much money and time trying to find THE esthetician, or THE dermatologist to help me get my skin "in shape". I've tried TCA peels, including the very expensive Obagi Blue Peel, the Silk Peel. I've tried expensive prescription skin care products. I've tried the cheap products. The list of what I tried is extensive and mind-numbing. My results were mediocre at best. 

Then I found Glow Derm.  I knew she had a great reputation as a skincare guru, but when I went in for my first session, given my history, I was more "open" to what she had to offer than "hopeful".  

I highly recommend Glow Derm for these reasons: 1) they are highly professional 2) they are extremely intelligent and have spent years acquiring the knowledge and experience required to achieve amazing results with their clients 3) their assessment of the health of your skin, in my experience, will be honest and forthright.  (When I walked into their office she said her immediate impression was that my skin needed healing and she devised a plan of action to help me achieve this).

Most importantly, 4) Glow Derm delivers phenomenal results! Truly, I was astounded by the transformation of my skin after just one session. In fact, a friend was complimenting me on my skin a few weeks after my first session and I was surprised when she used the word "healthy". I'm almost embarrassed to say that I had never actually approached my skincare with the thought or goal of making it healthy...what I wanted was younger looking, prettier skin. GlowDerm's  goal is to help their clients achieve "healthy" and therefore, "beautiful" skin.  Really,  It's a team effort and they are a great coach/captain."

Glow Exfoderm



"Laura is so professional and amazing!! Answered all of my questions and gave me a great GlowPeel. Could not be happier with the results, I feel my skin looks fresh and rejuvenated after my first visit :)
If you have any skin issues at all I highly recommend making an appointment. My skin is always pretty clear, but the GlowPeel really brightened up my skin. I feel like my natural, healthy skin is shinning through!!"

Glow Exfoderm



"Glow Derm is awesome!!!! They really knows what they are doing. I came in to visit Glow Derm with my first session of the chemical peel for acne skin. I have very oily skin and I started getting acne here and there. I never had acne before in my life until now and they very kindly explained to me why I have acne now and how I can benefit from their facials. Unlike other places Glow Derm's skin transforming techniques and products actually work. I immediately saw glowing skin and my face looked almost clear after just one session. Everyone's experince will be different if their acne is severe, it will take a couple of sessions, but you will see a difference in your skin after one session. I highly recommend them to others!"

Glow Exfoderm


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"I am so happy I had found this place and it's only a few minutes away from home! I have suffered from acne ever since puberty hit. I'm in my late 20s now and I'm very self conscious of my skin because from all the acne scars, pitted ones. I hate being in the sun, because I'm scared people are looking at all my imperfections. I stare at my skin everyday, always trying to find the right treatment. I tried flaxel laser treatment which cost $750/session. I had 5, and I honestly didn't see any difference. That's a lot of money for no results. I was very upset. I am so thankful to have found this place. They are so informative, professional, and their skin looks great, I can't stop staring every time they're talking to me. I just had my 4th session yesterday, and my skin looks great! My scars are less shallow, and my skin is smoother. I am so happy with the results so far, so I cannot wait until the end results! If you have skin issues, don't hesitate to come here. Their office is so pretty just like the ladies there! =)"

Glow Exfoderm



"Absolutely AMAZING! I have suffered from acne since my early teen years and have never had my skin return back to what it was. After seeing doctors and dermatologist and not getting results (just medication), I decided to see Glow DermSolutions after a friend recommended them. Thank you for giving me my confidence back! Just one treatment and I see results; I can't wait for my next peel!"

Glow Exfoderm

Krystannie D.


"I wanted to wait a few days to write this so that I could really see how my skin took the treatment... I would like to say that I'm very happy with my results and experience I had at Glow Dermsolutions. They are so sweet and was always making sure I was comfortable through the whole process.

My skin feels amazing! I came in after having a really bad allergic reaction to something on my face.  My skin has had some sun damage from over the years. After my treatment I noticed a huge difference. This is day #4 and I can still see the healing process on my face and it feels great!

With only 1 treatment it has reduced the redness of my skin from the sun damage I have received over the past years. This treatment removed all the layers of dead and damaged skin. My skin is smooth and tight."

Glow Exfoderm

Yareny J.


"I have problematic skin- adult acne, blemishes, oily skin, and discoloration- and I have to say I've had  a great outcome with the treatment I received from Glow Derm. I simply love the way my skin felt soon after leaving, the treatment left my skin glowing, feeling smooth and vibrant. I am thrilled to see what the results will be after the next few sessions. I am excited!

She is such a sweet heart, she is honest, knowledgeable, and most importantly takes her time with your treatment. They simply care about your skin and want the best for YOU! 

I definitely will recommend this treatment to others. THANKS!

Glow Exfoderm



"For the last six years I have struggled with acne, I have done everything to try and get rid of it, and after a few years I have accepted that my skin is going to be like this. I hated my skin. Until I went to GlowDerm . I met Laura and she told me "I will make your skin beautiful" and I thought to myself I doubt that. I have been to so many people and they told me they would help my skin and they never did. But Laura is true to her words !! My skin became so clear and I kept going to my 3 treatments and each time I went my skin improved more and more. And people finally noticed how beautiful my skin was . Everyone saw how glowing and perfected it look. I finally have clear skin now and I could cry in tears how beautiful my skin is ! Laura is true to her words and will help you to get clear skin ! She is amazing and absolutely wonderful !! You will not regret going to her !! She will save your skin !!!"

Glow Exfoderm



"After receiving my bi-monthly treatments for over a year, my skin has completely transformed. After stress and birth control wreaked havoc on my skin, I was left with discolored scars along the sides of my forehead and chin area. I was also consistently broke out every few days, and no acne medication really did the trick. I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to say I truly love my face, never feel the need to wear makeup or hide my dull, pimply skin and and it wouldn't have happened with Glow DermSolutions. 

This is my before from a year ago, this is how my skin has been looking after a few treatments. Also, in the before picture I'm wearing makeup which doesn't even fully conceal the scars and discoloration. The after pic is no makeup, no filter."

Glow Exfoderm


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.12.32 PM.png

"Finding Glow DermSolutions has been the best thing that has ever happened to my skin. I was so insecure about my skin before, even with makeup on. I've had skin issues since I was in Jr. High, on my back shoulders and face. I'm in my 30's now. I've used so many products, medications, and home remedies and nothing has helped. I've seen doctors, dermatologists, and estheticians! The Drs are too harsh & expensive & the esthetician didn't even want to help me, instead she recommended the Dermatologist which I feared due to Accutane they insisted I get on. I went to Glow Derm thinking they'd probably reject me too but they didn't, they gave me hope and were confident that I'd be one of those women with good skin. They were right. My skin is so clear smooth and youthful. Their  Correcting Scrub is like Gold! It leaves your skin so smooth, like new skin is making its way to the surface. The texture has improved drastically. My scars and dark spots are almost 100% gone! They tailored my skincare to my individual needs. If you are someone who needs help with your skin, please try Glow Derm's treatment. I will never use any other skincare product because theirs work. I've learned so much about skincare and organic makeup since meeting them. My skincare routine has never been so simple. I only regret not meeting sooner. I would've saved myself so much money and time. Thank you Glow Derm, because of you I've been able to leave my house without makeup which has never happened since I was a teenager! & to think I was so close to taking Accutane!"

Glow Exfoderm


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.43.37 PM.png

"Glow DermSolutions is just short of a miracle!  5-star establishment with incredibly professional women behind it.

I have been dealing with hormonally damaged skin for the past 3-4 years since quitting birth control pill.  My acne which was once at bay with the Pill has been at its worst in the past few years leaving acne scarring and I've been through everything including antibiotics, dietary adjustments, retinol and topicals.  I've been one stop short of getting on Accutane the past few months when I stumbled across Glow DermSolutions on Yelp after a rough holiday.  In the past, I have experienced adverse effects of microdermabrasion and invasive facials.  Josephine walked me through the entire 3-step process which only took 1 hour out of my hectic day.

The process that they follow is extremely gentle and incorporates no extractions nor crystal microdermabrasion so your skin doesn't erupt afterwards which is what I was most concerned about.  I loved the combination of the peel, the gentle microdermabrasion and the acne mask.  I have only been to one visit and it's been 2 weeks already and everything about my skin - the breakouts, the texture, the oiliness has dramatically improved.

Also, the products - the Vitamin C and exfoliating cleanser are amazing.  I wanted to try the sample sizes out before purchasing, and can say they are quality products.  A little goes a long way.

They definitely found a lifelong customer.  The picture above is taken few months before treatment. The picture below shows just 2 weeks after one treatment, my red marks have already started to fade, ice pick scars are evening out and acne is at bay.

Glow DermSolutions is the best!  I would recommend to anyone who is seeking acne treatment."

Glow Exfoderm



"Perfect!!!! Perfect!!!! Perfect!!!! This place is perfection all around. I want to start off by saying it was a smooth experience from the start. Parking is not a problem. Upon entry, the place was clean and beautifully kept. They are extremely informative and thorough guiding me in what to expect during the process of improving my skin to be the best it can be. They guide me as to what she is doing step-by-step throughout the treatment process and what each step will do for my skin. She is extremely consistent with this every time I have gone to see her, and yes every time my skin has gotten better and better. Multiple skin treatments are needed to see maximum improvement, but you wont be disappointed because you will definitely see results just after the first treatment.I have been going to see her for quite sometime now and I am now at the stage where I can go once a month for maintenance treatments and my skin is looking top notch!! I now get constant compliments on my skin. When people guess my age they think Im 22yrs old and are always surprised to find out that Im 30yrs old and they want to know my secret for my beautiful skin. Well this I tell to everyone....Glow DermSolutions is my secret!!! Words cannot express how much they have transformed my skin. I look younger, I glow, and my skin feels as smooth as silk. Glow Derm you got a life long client. When you go to see them for your skin Im certain you will agree!"

Glow Exfoderm